Verrimus splits its TSCM Training into 2 distinct areas. Government TSCM Training and Commercial TSCM Training. 



Due to the advanced and sensitive nature of the training given in our government TSCM training courses, we only disclose details of, and offer them to, serving government personnel.

For details of our 130 bespoke government level training courses please Contact Us.



Verrimus commercial TSCM Training Courses are detailed in this brochure:

Commercial TSCM Training Course Brochure


Our courses ensure that our students maximise their time at our training centre to learn for real life operational situations, to maximise their operational input to a team. Our training also gives them the knowledge they need to prepare for the future, ensuring operational continuity can be pushed forward rather than adopting a reactive stance.

We use a variety of additional study methods, offering a more inclusive form of training, to provide students with a better chance of success. This training approach is particularly designed to match students’ different ability levels and learning types.