TSCM Training - TALAN

TALAN Training – TSCM


Over the best part of 20 years I’ve been surprised on many occasions by the number of TSCM Operators that have invested in the TALAN telephone and line analyser by REI…..Who just don’t know how to use it properly. In all fairness to those Operators, REI didn’t exactly make it a…(Read More)

TSCM Training

In one of our last videos, Gavin brought up the subject of commercial TSCM training courses, and explained that Verrimus would be starting to offer TSCM training to corporate and private individuals….in order to give the corporate and private markets a legitimate TSCM training provider to train with. I won’t repeat whats in…(Read More)

Training Review - TSCM

TSCM Training Review


We thought we’d share a thank you note we received from a military client that undertook some training with Verrimus.   It’s impossible for us to describe how sophisticated our training is without compromising our training module content…so we tend to rely on our clients visiting our dedicated TSCM training centre…(Read More)

Gavin debunks the myth in the TSCM Bug Sweeping industry, about Frequency Hopping devices. Many TSCM, Bug Sweeping, companies use technical myths to convince potential clients that they have a capability greater than they actually have. Here, Gavin shows that Frequency Hopping devices are simple to find using even the most simple TSCM Bug Sweeping…(Read More)

Aircraft TSCM Training

Aircraft TSCM operations…Google Aircraft TSCM and you’ll see hundreds of companies offering to survey aircraft for technical surveillance attacks. Sign of a healthy industry, full of professional TSCM Operators, trained to properly survey aircraft? Unfortunately not. Carrying out an in-depth technical survey on an aircraft is a highly complex operation that requires…(Read More)

Verrimus TSCM Training

“Verrimus only provides operational TSCM training to Government Agencies, Law Enforcement and Military Organisations.” That statement often raises a number of questions. So I’ll try to answer the most common questions in this blog…   Q: Why does Verrimus not offer operational TSCM training to the public? A: Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is…(Read More)

TSCM Training


World Class Training Centre – CHECK 25 Live Training Areas – CHECK Maritime Training Facility – CHECK TSCM Training Boats – CHECK Aircraft Training Facility – CHECK TSCM Training Aircraft – CHECK Vehicle Training Workshop – CHECK TSCM Training Vehicles – CHECK World Renowned Instructors – CHECK 130 TSCM Training Modules – CHECK Mobile Training…(Read More)