Aircraft TSCM Training

Aircraft TSCM operations…Google Aircraft TSCM and you’ll see hundreds of companies offering to survey aircraft for technical surveillance attacks. Sign of a healthy industry, full of professional TSCM Operators, trained to properly survey aircraft? Unfortunately not. Carrying out an in-depth technical survey on an aircraft is a highly complex operation that requires…(Read More)

Verrimus TSCM Training

“Verrimus only provides operational TSCM training to Government Agencies, Law Enforcement and Military Organisations.” That statement often raises a number of questions. So I’ll try to answer the most common questions in this blog…   Q: Why does Verrimus not offer operational TSCM training to the public? A: Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is…(Read More)

TSCM Training


World Class Training Centre – CHECK 25 Live Training Areas – CHECK Maritime Training Facility – CHECK TSCM Training Boats – CHECK Aircraft Training Facility – CHECK TSCM Training Aircraft – CHECK Vehicle Training Workshop – CHECK TSCM Training Vehicles – CHECK World Renowned Instructors – CHECK 130 TSCM Training Modules – CHECK Mobile Training…(Read More)