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What is Bug Sweep Training?

It has nothing to do with chimney sweeps!!! Bug sweep training is often called many other things.

Whether you use the terms;

  • bug sweep
  • sweeping
  • TSCM survey
  • spy device check
  • de-bugging
  • technical surveillance checks
  • TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)
  • eavesdropping denial

They all refer to checking an AoC (area of concern) for forms of technical surveillance attacks and vulnerabilities. A technical surveillance attack is a method of compromising privacy.

Typically many people believe that the use of technical surveillance to compromise the privacy of an individual or organisation is limited to Hollywood movies. Sadly, that’s not the case. With the availability of quite sophisticated and inexpensive devices, technical surveillance attacks are prevalent in our society.

Trackers, audio recorders, covert cameras are all examples of types of simple technical surveillance attack (or bugs). For more information about the whole variation of technical surveillance attacks book a TSCM Awareness Course from Verrimus and we’ll give you more information!

Police, Military and Government TSCM Teams

Verrimus only provide ‘bug sweep training‘ (operational TSCM training) to military, government and police teams. If you are part of a military, government or police team whom is required to perform TSCM services and would like to know more about our training please contact us, for further details.

Commercial Organisations

If you are a commercial organisation who needs to understand how TSCM fits into the overall security landscape, we can assist. We provide TSCM Awareness and Procurement training to commercial organisations. This course covers what a technical surveillance attack is (and what it is not!). It also assists participants to be able to compare procurement submissions from external TSCM service providers.

Many commercial organisations are seeking to establish and maintain an internal TSCM capability. Verrimus offer a range of modules and support to assist organisations to have an effective TSCM capability, which matches their corporate risk appetite. We urge any commercial organisation to undertake TSCM training BEFORE purchasing TSCM equipment.