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What is TSCM? At our world class TSCM Training Centre UK we provide cutting edge training in every aspect of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures often commonly referred to as bug sweeping) (see here, what is bug sweep training) and other associated specialist matters. We also offer a number of other educational services to clients around the world.

Bespoke TSCM Training UK

We provide our clients with bespoke TSCM training packages. We have a modular design for our course schedules that can be fitted together to create a course which matches the training needs analysis of our clients. Additionally, clients ask us to design tailored courses that reflect their role and responsibilities. See our example procurement, prison personnel and evidence securing TSCM courses featured in our blog posts.

Knowledge Transfer

Verrimus TSCM training courses are delivered by our specialist TSCM Operators. Trainers with decades of Operational TSCM experience from Special Forces, Government, Police and Military service. Our experience is exceptional allowing us to transfer knowledge, using a variety of teaching methods, and the very best skill sets to our clients.

Our TSCM Training Centre is cutting edge, with advanced facilities available to train in. We have separate learning environments to meet the needs of all operational and theoretical TSCM disciplines.

Inclusive or Training Only Packages

Students can choose to have an all inclusive training course (which includes accommodation and all meals) or a training only course. Our all inclusive courses are priced very competitively and enable clients to not worry about food and accommodation, leaving them free to enjoy the training experience. We work with our clients to design the training schedule which meets their training needs analysis and desired learning outcomes.

Live Scenarios

Our TSCM training |UK courses feature live exercise areas are unique. Over 25 live target areas that deliver a level of realism and sophistication that is not available anywhere else in the world. Boardrooms, offices, residences, hotel rooms, cars, boats and even aircraft. These target areas are loaded with attacks from basic commercial off the shelf (COTS) attacks to attacks of the highest sophistication, used by Government technical surveillance units throughout the world.

TSCM Equipment

Verrimus are not an equipment sales team. We don't have sales targets. We're not driven by commission. We advise TSCM teams regarding their equipment preferences and choices. We assist our clients to understand what they need from the plethora of measurement tools available on the market, and help them to select a suite of equipment that meets their operational needs and TTPs.

In summary; The Verrimus Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training Centre UK offers the most sophisticated and advanced TSCM Training in the world, and we deliver it in a way that no other organisation does or indeed can. Don't settle for poor imitations, contact us to learn more.


Feel free to browse our website to find out more, if you have any questions that aren't answered here please use the contact form or give our office a call and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.



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Newcastle Airport

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Vehicle TSCM Training Wing
Newcastle upon Tyne

Cyber Training Wing
Newcastle upon Tyne


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