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What Is TSCM Training?

Verrimus TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures) training is unlike what is offered by other companies. Our unique approach works! If you are one of our key client sectors, searching for TSCM training providers, and TSCM courses that will meet your needs, you’re in the right place!

Bespoke TSCM Courses

Firstly, our bespoke, modular Operational TSCM courses are offered only to Government, Police and Military TSCM Teams worldwide. Our TSCM Training centres on delivering bespoke and tailored training programmes, which meet the training needs analysis of our clients. We work with our clients to design a training schedule that meets their budget constraints, availability and experience levels of participants. Our own experience of participating in training courses, that did not focus on the desired learning objectives, led us to develop our training approach.

Live Training Scenarios

We feature live training scenarios within the course, to provide a realistic TSCM training experience.

Until we began to provide live TSCM training scenarios, some TSCM Training providers offered TSCM Training in classrooms, with fake office or residential sets! Can you believe that still there are some TSCM training providers who use purpose built sets, rather than real scenarios? Or whom think that |TSCM can be learnt online! Or that a TSCM course should be wholly classroom based! We have successfully shown that a level of realism was invaluable to our client base. It seems that there are now some companies whom claim that they also provide live scenario training! It’s very flattering to know that our approach is recognised as the best approach! We see others in our industry copying our methods and view it as flattery. Proof that what we are doing is the most effective way to ensure knowledge transfer and skill set enhancement for the subject matter. See our review page for a few of the comments we’ve received from our clients.

Our Operational TSCM courses, assist clients to

  • learn new and develop existing TTPs,
  • identify team knowledge gaps,
  • assess equipment usage
  • understand how TSCM fits into the security landscape
  • conduct TSCM OPEVALs
  • identify skill fade
  • learn emerging countermeasures techniques
  • ensure pre and post task actions are understood

We know that our training delivery model is studied |(and attempted to be imitated|) by others in the TSCM industry, we do not openly publish Operational TSCM course details.

Commercial TSCM Awareness

Verrimus offer TSCM Awareness and Procurement courses to Corporate Security personnel. These courses cover all aspects of technical surveillance attacks, counter measures and mitigations available to an organisation. We provide details of how to assess and evaluate external TSCM service suppliers to meet an organisation’s specific risk appetite.

Internal TSCM Capability

Additionally, we offer organisations, whom wish to develop their own internal TSCM capability, support to do so. Some of our Corporate In-house TSCM Capability clients may need to;

  • to identify personnel suitable for the internal role,
  • identify measurement tools to procure,
  • train internal personnel to undertake basic level quick plant device TSCM surveys
  • have access to operational support from our TSCM Operators

Increasingly commercial organisations wish to not rely on the unregulated and often unreliable practices of external TSCM service providers. Some feel that the service they have received in the past was questionable or not suitable for their internal risk appetite. Some commercial organisations have expressed to us concern over the practices they have observed of external ‘sweep team’ providers. Many Security Directors in the commercial world have highlighted an issue with availability. They’ve expressed their frustration at not being able to engage a TSCM service provider in the timescales they require. Having an internal TSCM provision ensures that there are no issues with third party access, concerns regarding confidentiality or timings.

Talk to Verrimus TSCM Specialists

If you currently work in a military, government or police role which requires TSCM , contact us directly. We’ll give you more information about our bespoke course design.

If you are a security professional, who wants to better understand the security threat posed by technical surveillance, get in touch.